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Christmas Bonanza From Oryx Gaming

There is great news for online gamblers this festive season and it comes from well-known gambling software developer Oryx Gaming. The company has recently released two slot games just ahead of the holidays. Known as Fairytale Forest Quik and Golden 7 Christmas, these games promise to be a great deal of fun. Both these games have been reworked from Flash to HTML5 to make them more appealing to customers.

Being HTML5 games, they can be played on mobile devices and not just PCs.

Fairytale Forest from Oryx Gaming

Fairytale Forest is a dreamlike slot game that takes players on a journey through a forest packed with enchanted creatures. This is a reworked version of a Flash game of the same name. This is an exciting and fast paced game that offers a number of bonus features that increase the gamblers’ chances of winning. The game has free spins that give the player many chances to play. The bonus game can also increase the overall prize.

The Fairytale Forest game has a very dreamlike look that players will really enjoy immersing themselves in. The sky has a luminous lilac look and it throws a soft glow over the ethereal forest filled with beautiful pastel flowers. The symbols of the game are very quirky and unique. They include The Wise Caterpillar, The Lucky Leprechaun, The Dancing Butterfly, The Laughing Tree, The Magic Fairy, and Purple Mushrooms. The background music of the game consists of serene woodland sounds including birdsong.

A New Version of the Golden 7 Classic by Oryx Gaming

Oryx has also reworked its popular game called Golden 7 Classic and given it a Christmassy theme to be more interesting. Golden 7 Christmas looks very festive indeed thanks to its bright colours and sounds. It is a relatively small game thanks to its 5×3 layout and the fact that it has only five pay lines. However, the game also has a scatter symbol that is definitely going to keep things interesting for players.

The slot games also have a re-pick feature for the first time n HTML. Players can uncover a hidden prize. However, they have the option of changing their mind if they do not like the prize. If they trigger multiple symbols in the bonus game then they can cange their mind twice. The fact that the bonus activating symbols bring these re-picks and not just big prizes is certainly an important advantage of the games.

ORYX Gaming CEO Matevz Mazij counts on the two games to become very popular this season. In fact, Mazij is quite sure that players will be very eager to spend their free time these holidays playing these exciting games.

It is safe to say that ORYX has spent a lot of effort on redoing these games since both of them have exceptionally beautiful graphics with matching sound tracks. These games will be very easy to find since they will be featured on a number of gambling sites catering to customers from all over the world.

About Oryx Gaming

The developer is a relatively new entrant to the gambling industry, having been around since 2010 only. However, it has certainly managed to make its mark in a short while. This is all thanks to its unique games that have gathered quite a large fan base all over the world. It has also become a well-known provider of turnkey solutions to the gambling industry. It offers immensely popular casino, live dealer, sports betting, and slots verticals. The games are available on its IGaming platform. This platform has been selected by many gaming operators because of its sophistication and flexibility at a very good price. It highly intuitive platform provides customers a very thrilling and immersive gaming experience.

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