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Dragon’s Tale For Role-Play And Gambling

dragons-tale-featuredAre you tired of the same old casinos offering the regular complement of slot games or table games? Online gambling is no doubt great fun but the industry has expanded to offer an entirely new range of gaming experiences. You’ll be amazed to learn about the fascinating gaming experience that you can get at a particular Bitcoin casino.

Bitcoin casinos are pretty much like regular online casinos when it comes to the gaming experience they offer. You can play the usual games at these casinos by transacting with Bitcoins instead of conventional currencies. However, Dragon’s Tale is entirely different from these casinos because it offers unique gaming based upon massive multiplayer role play games. As a matter of fact, the site features a wide range of mini games for you to play. This means that you can jump from one game to another based upon your mood.

The mini games featured on the Dragon’s Tale site are very entertaining and addictive. You’ll have to complete certain tasks in each game and also gamble on them. The role play element means that this isn’t just a passive game of chance. You will have a great time completing the tasks and hopefully winning money in the process. You’ll also enjoy the fact that you get to interact with other people while playing the game.

Dragon’s Tale has been created by leading developer eGenesis which is well known for developing another Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game called A Tale in the Desert. Set in the mysterious land of Ancient Egypt, A Tale in the Desert has proven to be very popular with gamers from all around the world. Dragon’s Tale is also proving to be a big hit with gamers.

There are around 60 different mini games to choose from on the Dragon’s Tale site. The skill based games featured on the site include Vegetable Farming, Cow Tipping, Ming Vases, and Dragon Painting, just to name a few. Whereas some games are really easy to play, others are more complex and require deep thought. You can work on quests to level up your virtual character and to add additional content. As a matter of fact, the developers of the site add content on a daily basis which means that you’ll always have something interesting to look forward to.

Once you start playing the different games on the Dragon’s Tale site, you’ll notice that some of the mini games are actually adaptations of regular casino games. For instance, Silly Monkey is a unique take on Roulette, albeit a more interesting and interactive one.

The social aspect of the games adds to your enjoyment when you play them. You can do more than just interact with other players. You can team up with other players to complete certain tasks and to lend or borrow Bitcoins if necessary. You can even put together a tournament of your own and get other people to join you. In fact, you’ll find that you end up spending more time on the site because of how you can interact with other people.


You can play at Dragon’s Tale wherever you live in the world and can fund your Bitcoin account using your credit card. However, if you live in the United States, you won’t be able to do so. In fact, you’ll have to import it from another site before you can start playing. The software for Dragon’s Tale is available for machines using Linux, Windows or iOS software. You’ll need to download the appropriate software to your device since the games cannot be played out of the browser. Once you get started with the site you’ll find it very hard to pull away!

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