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The Historic Win of a Londoner at Insta Casino!

Insta casino recently made it to the news with one of the players winning millions. According to the news, a Londoner signed up at this casino to try some of his much preferred slots. He was in his early 30s and started the game by making the first deposit of 3000 pounds; little did he know that this amount will turn into millions for him.

In fact, he was so casual and carefree that he did not acquire the welcome bonus too.

About the Winner at Insta Casino

The Londoner started with the bet of 100 pounds on every spin on the Guns N’ Roses slot. In the starting, the game did not go in his favor and his account was at zero. It is true that even after playing for over ten minutes, the Londoner did not earn anything. He thought that it would be the worst day of his life but it was actually not.

The hero was all determined to play more and made the second deposit with 4000 pounds. It seemed to be an imprudent decision by the other players but he was at the right track. He continued the slot and quickly attained the win of 7250 pounds. It means that all his losses were recovered and he was encouraged to bet further. In just few hours, the entire casino could see him reaching up to the mark of 10,000 pounds. The Londoner felt amazing and found it hard to absorb the heightened excitement.

The next turn was of Jimi Hendrix, which is famously known as the legendary ‘Foxy Lady’ rocker. No doubt, the excitement went higher with the bet of 200 pounds on every spin. And, the epic moment arrived when he hit a win of 9920 pounds. Yes, the entire was stunned and jaw dropped to see such a giant win in just half an hour. To move on, Hendrix proved to be super lucky for him, that helped fetch him another 11,990 pounds from the bet of 200 pounds. Now, his total balance was at 27,000 pounds, which means that he made a profit of 20,000 pounds.

The Change of Slot

After winning a handsome amount of 27,000, the hero planned to switch to a new slot. He decided to play Steam Tower slot developed by Net Entertainment with the feature of a bonus game. In this slot, a player has to free the maid by scaling the tower and defeating the dragon. Without a doubt, the game was a little tough at that night and the hero dropped 20,000 pounds. He lost the amount while betting 150 pounds on every spin. He was startled and sad. However, another jump came when he won 34, 120 pounds right after spinning a few more times.

After having tried the Steam Tower slot also, the player thought of trying Spartacus Gladiator of Rome slot that has been developed by Scientific Games. The bet size of this slot was 250 pounds per spin. The hero bet for 40,000 and then came the unforgettable moment. Yes, the hero made the biggest win of 43, 750 pounds. Now, his account was at 81,000 pounds in total, which is incredible.


In around 2 hours and 45 minutes only, the Londoner made the best out of his life at Insta Casino. The life changing amount gave him the perfect joy on that lucky Thursday night. It is sure that his name will appear in the history of the casino and will encourage other players to keep on betting until they have a giant amount in hand. Great gaming, wasn’t it!

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