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Online Casinos to Launch Arcade Style Games to Attract Millennials

Slot machines have always hit the floors with its uniqueness and the factor of interest. Rivers Casino situated on the North Shore has always captivated the attention of punters with its wide range of online slots. However, the casino is now focusing on arcade style games to draw more players towards it.

Rivers Casino is doing this in order to target the younger gamblers that need challenging yet interesting games.

Reports of American Gaming Association (AGA) on Arcade Style Games

AGA has reported that the age group that visits the casino most often is between 21 years to 35 years. Among these players, the ones playing the slots are only 2 percent of the total. It is true that the slot machines are developed very beautifully and have everything in them to keep the player’s interest intact. However, every game needs to be played by pressing a button, which millennial does not find interesting. They need something unique and brainy.

As a result of this, the legislators of Massachusetts, Nevada and New Jersey have stepped forward to pass the law of permitting casinos to develop arcade style games. In fact, the House of representative in Pennsylvania has already approved of same law in the past June. The bill is yet to be cleared by the Senate, which is still pondering over the entire matter. The bill will lose its value after November 30th, as the legislative session will then end.

George Dunbar’s Opinion on Arcade Style Games

The reports revealed that the Westmoreland County Republican and the state representative, George Dunbar has promised to reintroduce the bill in the next session of the senate. He is the main sponsor of the bill and will try his best to get the bill approved as soon as possible, so that all the casinos of the state can have a sigh of relief. Dunbar seems determined because he knows that it is going to attract the younger people, which in turn will help the casinos in making more and more profits.

Dunbar further added that casinos are in need of reinventing themselves today and it can be done only by introducing something that can encourage the participation of the younger generation.

While talking about Gamblit, it offers video games featuring the factor of both chance and skill. It is much preferred by the players despite the fact that house has a better edge. On the other hand, some other gaming developers are creating tabletop games, which can be played by two or three people at a single time. Seeing the interest of the players in technology, a group of developers are all set to offer virtual reality games that can be the major highlight of the coming year. It has been realized that younger players enjoy playing slots that are social in nature. They prefer keeping in touch with their playmates and compete with them to earn rewards.

About Rivers Casino

Rivers Casino holds a party pit on every Thursday night in order to attract the players. The Thursday nights here are dedicated to the younger players only. In these hours, the ambience gets more social and the average wager gets lower. For instance, the players can enjoy table games like blackjack for only $5.

Running on the same track, other casinos have introduced nightclubs, shopping centers and restaurants to target the young generation. Here, millennial can enjoy good food, music and the highly interesting slot games to earn cash. In future, it is expected that the bill related to the arcade style gaming is approved and that younger people will get something they have been looking for long.

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