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PokerStars Casino Coming Up With Unique Gaming Products

PokerStars Casino has been in the industry since years and has set its benchmark by offering the widest array of casino games to the players. With every passing year, it is reaching to more and more punters across the globe. However, the casino is now planning something bigger to turn the remaining eyes on it.

In the Words of the Director of PokerStars

The director of the PokerStars casino, Sam Hobcraft said in an interview that the casino had already gained much attention from different countries by its offerings. Nonetheless, he calls the casino a well-kept secret. This simply means that it has much more to offer to its players about which the players are not aware of yet. The director made it clear that the time has come when the casino should unveil its unique product and exhibit it in front of the audience. As per the media reports, the casino group has introduced a very different marketing campaign.

In its latest campaign, the casino will play advertisements on television throughout the digital stations of the UK and video ads. Hobcraft mentioned that the entire team is superbly glad and proud of the TV advertisements. It is further planning to make a big UK launch.

While talking about the factor that makes PokerStars casino different from others is its advanced graphics. Yes, it is true that every game it offers has outstanding graphics that keep the interest of the players intact. Whether it an online slot, roulette or blackjack, they all have been developed with the cutting edge graphics.

Casino Rush Social Game

While the casino is making preparations for the big launch, it has introduced a social game called Casino Rush for the players to keep them engaged. It is fast paced game with full of fun and excitement. By playing this, punters can enjoy the experience of both poker and casino slots. The best part about this game is that you can play it on Android and iOS platforms without any hassles. You just need to sign up at the website of PokerStars Casino through your mobile or laptop and then start trying its different games.

It is always better to first go through the entire site, read the rules of the game, understand the pay table and then start with any particular game. In case, you have any queries about any game or anything else related to it then you can always contact the customer support crew of the site. They will listen to your queries patiently and will guide you in the best possible manner.

About the Director of Social Gaming

The Director of Social Gaming at PokerStars casino, Lloyd Melnick mentioned very clearly that the casino has invested much of its time in evaluating the social casino market. It has assessed about what actually punters need and the factor that is missing. He said that players are in need of quick poker experience with no hassles of delayed payments and withdrawals. They just want to play poker right at the moment they are connected to the internet. For this purpose, Casino Rush has been developed, he further added.

In addition to this, good news is that the casino has been granted a legal license to offer poker tournaments. This means that punters will now be able to display their gaming skills and earn great rewards by winning the poker tournaments. The casino is trying it’s hard to strengthen its online casino offering and never let its current position to dwindle.

If you have still not signed up with PokerStars Casino then do not wait any longer. Do it now!

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