The Best Casino Sites That Allow Mobile Phone Bill Deposits

Why Use Payforit

The number of players who access online casinos to enjoy real money games is always on the rise, which means that the leading online casinos have to offer the most trusted and secure payment methods. Many players are now using their mobile phones and tablets to play these types of games online, making Payforit a logical payment method. There are many benefits to using this option when adding funds to a casino account. While Payforit does have a small daily maximum deposit amount of £30, it is a fast and safe method that can be used by players with major phone carriers throughout the UK.

Payforit makes it possible for players without a credit or debit card to instantly add money to a casino account. With instant transactions, players can jump right into the action without having to worry about the security of that transaction. Payforit has been used by players worldwide for a number of years and is currently one of the most popular pay by phone options offered at casino sites.

No Registration

Unlike many other payment methods that are supported at casino sites, Payforit does not require any registration process. The only requirement is for players to have a cell phone with one of the major providers like O2, Virgin, EE, Vodafone and Orange. With an active phone number, players can use their account to make deposits to supporting casino sites.

If players have a contract with their provider, the amount of the deposit being made will be added to the monthly statement and paid every month. Those that are on a pay as you go system, the deposit amount will be deducted from the balance on the phone account. If there is no current balance, the amount will be charged to the account and must be paid by the player with a monthly statement.

There is also no cost to make use of this payment system. Some ewallets and even credit cards will incur a small fee when conducting a transaction to an online casino, but with Payforit, the service is completely free and players are only responsible for their deposit amount.

Fast and Safe

Payforit is fully regulated, so it provides players with levels of protection when they use this method to add money to a casino account. Since no personal or financial information is ever exchanged, many players feel safer using this option. However, due to the low deposit limits, it is not a suitable option for those that play frequently or are mid or high rollers at their preferred casino site.

One of the great benefits of using this method is the offering of instant transactions. There is no waiting period where players have to wait for funds to clear or be approved. Once the message is sent and the deposit amount requested, the funds will instantly appear in the account and will be ready to use on any of the supported real money games that are featured at the chosen gambling site.